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Repairs & Trouble shooting for all Computer related problems, Hardware & Software. Expert Diagnosis of Problems. Repairs carried out promptly & professionally. We have solutions for ANY computer related problem you may have. From simple home computer problems like a printer that wont print or a floppy disc drive that wont work, right through to your Internet Connection or complete network supply, configuration and installation. We build and supply new Quality Systems with onsite warranties on all Sabatech Built and supplied systems. We can solve ANY Computer related problem you have.

Fast, Professional & Reliable service for all types of Computer problems. From that little problem like a floppy drive or printer that won't work, right through to supplying your home computer system. Including network supply, design & maintenance.

Sabatech Electronics
P.O. Box 194
Howard, Queensland
Australia. 4659.
Phone : 07 41214217

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